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Consistent Inventory

We source our inventory of wholesale cell phones directly from carriers and manufacturers to ensure consistent supply

Accurate Grading

All devices undergo a stringent testing and grading process, ensuring consistent quality

Fast Turnaround

Use our self-service platform to find the wholesale cell phones you want, and we will ship them out in as little as 24 hours

Easy Returns

We offer a 30 day return policy to ensure you are getting the quality product you expected

Our Inventory Comes Direct from the Source

We understand that your business depends on consistent supply. That’s why we have designed two different programs to ensure that we always have the inventory of bulk cell phones you need:

Cell Phone Depot LLC

We purchase wholesale cell phones directly from major carriers, manufacturers, and big box retailers. We test, grade, and warehouse these devices in our facility in San Antonio.

Partnered companies

We have partnered with Various cell phone companies, To offer you DIRECT ACCESS to its large supply of wholesale phones

iphone 5

Iphone Repair

Smartphone Repair

Smartphone Repair

Tablet Repair

Tablet Repair

Computer Repair

Computer Repair


Our goal is simply clear and the best. we thrive for 100 percent Customers satisfaction, all repairs and other services here at the cellphones depot are offered in a timely convenient manner for very competitive prices. Your completely shattered device (iPhone or android) can be fixed within 20 minutes or less and you will be back to business.

We put together the best technicians’ experience and the best parts together to repair your device and the outcome is your 100 percent satisfaction.

Whether you are a retailer, wholesaler, distributor, or refurbisher, we are committed to providing you with the wholesale cell phones you need when you need them.

Cell Phone Depot takes the guesswork out of restocking your inventory of bulk cell phones. Our Online Stock List is updated with fresh inventory in real-time. If you need to secure stock quickly you can buy at list price or you can make offers on any line item in our stock list.

If you don’t see the wholesale used phones you are looking for, you can take advantage of our personal Stock Alerts. You’ll receive an email as soon as the SKUs you are interested come in.

Services we Provide:

  • We repairs LCD's of all new smartphones
  • We repairs charging port of all Smartphones
  • We can repair water damage phones
  • We are capable to unlock any device
  • We Provide prepaid phone service like ultra to many well known country
  • We buy and sell used phones

We Repair


All your memories recovered.

Unlike a replacement phone, repairing your phone means you will not lose any information! Most common repairs will have you where you left off!

Windows Computers

Solving your needs is what we are here for. Hire a technician over to your location and get all your questions answered by an expert.

We go the extra mile just for you.

Using the latest diagnostic tools, we are equipped in diagnosing the problem and making your repair happen. Repairs can be taken to different levels repair so always have a solution for you.

Expedited Repairs

When there is no time, we will make time! Our appointment system will assure your device gets repaired so all you need to do is go straight home

Exclusive Discounts

To repair and protect is what we believe in. One incident is enough so all accessories for your device will be discounted so you can prevent an accident happening again.

Our Aim

Our aim to minimize the problem from reoccurring and offers you low cost repair work that is essential for your computer.